Problems on 'Prac' Teaching

It is very unlikely that any of the following situations will occur on school placements. Following the basic rules of commonsense should see you successfully through your school 'prac' placements and beyond.


If you become ill during your teaching practice and are forced to take a day or so off, try not to worry. Make sure you inform your tutor and the school. If you think you have more than just a routine bad throat or bout of flu, make sure you contact your doctor as soon as possible. If the absence from school is longer than one day it is advisable to get a medical certificate for both the school and the university ( keep a copy for your own records).
If there is an accident or injury in your class, seek immediate assistance from your teacher-mentor. The incident should be recorded in the school's incident book. You should also notify your Teachers Federation school representative.
If you are confronted by an angry parent or feel threatened by a parent or student, try to remain calm. Where possible send for support. Make sure you tell your teacher-mentor about the incident.
Never leave your class unattended to take a badly behaved or disruptive child elsewhere. Instead, send for support from nearby.

Teaching practice placement

If you believe that there is any problem with your placement, the class(es) timetable allocated, the level of support provided, or any other factor which denies you a fair opportunity to develop and display your teaching skills, YOU MUST SEEK URGENT HELP! - Don't wait till the last day of the prac period or after you get your 'prac' grade.

Speak to the classroom teacher/mentor and 'Prac' tutor/lecturer and if necessary your university's student representative council/student union, but, if they are unable to resolve the problem, contact the Teachers Federation.

As a general rule the Federation does not get involved in disputes over grades for 'prac' unless there are clear breaches of law or DEC procedures.

Complaints and Allegations

If any student or parent complaint, allegation of negligence or inappropriate behaviour is made against you, advise your mentor and university tutor/lecturer immediately no matter how trivial you think it might be. Make no statement until you have received the advice of a Teachers Federation welfare officer.