These experiences vary from lesson observation, micro-teaching, demonstration lessons, working with small groups of children in reading programs etc through to the more formal Practicum/ in-school placement or in some courses 'Internships'.

Both practicum and internships are much more formal components of teacher education courses and are covered by awards or agreements between the Teachers Federation and the particular university.

Advice on 'Prac' Teaching

Professinal Experiencemost commonly called 'Prac teaching', , is probably the most challenging and exciting parts of initial teacher training. Although the situation is rather artificial, it is the first real opportunity to test and develop your teaching skills.

Prac teaching has a dual role. Whilst you are testing your skills you are also being assessed. It is therefore important that you are given appropriate support and the opportunity to make a good start.

Teaching practice is an exciting and stimulating part of your teacher education course. It will be your first taste of being a classroom teacher and your first chance to put to use your new skills as a classroom teacher. This guide from the Teachers Federation is designed to help you make the most of the experience.