Teachers Health

At Teachers Health Fund, we understand that teaching is a demanding profession. We recognise that your professional life is dedicated to serving your school community, caring for your students and guiding them through their educational journey.

So, Teachers Health Fund is here for you – to care for your health and guide you through your health insurance lifecycle. We have been doing this for teachers and their families since 1954, and now provide cover to over 105,000 members throughout Australia.

Teachers Health Fund is a national private health insurer, providing quality products and services to over 115,000 members throughout Australia.

The Fund was established in 1954 by the New South Wales Teachers Federation to provide members with access to quality health insurance services. This focus now extends to education union members throughout Australia including teachers, academics, support staff and the broader communities in which they operate.

Our focus on the well-being of members and dedication to providing market leading health insurance products and services, has resulted in Teachers Health Fund becoming one of Australia’s fastest growing health insurers.

As the Fund continues to grow, so too does our capacity to provide additional services to members. Teachers Health Fund owns and operates Health Centres consisting of Eyecare and Dental services in Sydney (Surry Hills and Parramatta), Newcastle (Hamilton) and Melbourne (Richmond). By offering these services, we ensure that members are provided with opportunities to maintain their optical and dental well-being.

Five reasons you should join Teachers Health Fund

  1. We offer value for money health insurance, with high benefits and annual limits on Extras services and access to an extensive network of private hospitals.
  2. We exist for members and genuinely care for the well-being of teachers. This means that you receive the benefits of membership, not shareholders.
  3. You can choose your own doctor and hospital, so you can avoid public hospital waiting lists.
  4. You don’t have to be sick to benefit. We offer cover for a range of services that are not usually covered by Medicare, like general dental, physiotherapy and remedial massage.^
  5. You can depend on us because we have cared for teachers and their families since 1954.


StarterPak is designed specifically for those who are young and healthy, just starting out in health insurance, who want value Hospital and Extras cover, but don’t want to pay top dollar for services they don’t think they will need.

Going Abroad

Teachers Health offers global
travel insurance at competitive
rates for members.