Trainee Teachers Scholarship 2014

The NSW Teachers Federation 2014 Annual Conference was held at Sydney Town Hall from Sunday 29 June until Tuesday 1 July. One of the first presentations at the Conference on the Sunday morning was the Trainee Teachers Scholarship ceremony. 12 out of the 14 recipients of this year’s scholarships were able to attend the ceremony to receive their certificate and cheque and meet the other recipients, Federation Officers and activists. It was really great to spend the morning with the recipients who showed true appreciation for the values of public education and unions in our society in their application for the scholarship.

The scholarship program is one of the ways the Federation supports the next generation of teachers who hope to teach in NSW public schools. We had 88 applications this year and provided 14 scholarships to the value of $4000 each. We hope the scholarships will assist the recipients to be the best teacher they can be and build upon the successes of the teachers and Federation members who have come before them.

If you have any questions about next year’s scholarships, please contact us at

The following members are the recipients of the 2014 Trainee Teacher Scholarships:

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Category

Brenton Hawken
Jackie Scheers

Language Background Other Than English Category

Tianmi Pei

Rural or Remote Area

Tegan Morgan
Sarah Randall

First Year Category

Amelia Dudley
Adele Dumont

Open Category

Kent Burgin
Heather Byrne
Alexander Johnson
Jake Little
Brigitte McFadden
Caitlin Park
Niven Williams

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